Our Services


Food Brokers

• Our main objective of our company is to promote long-term business relationships between suppliers and customers, developing different markets and identifying business opportunities worldwide.

• We have a group of professionals who personally guarantee the quality of the marketed products, either with the exporter's brand or made in factories that have been selected for it to develop its own brand according to the quality and price requirements of the market. . We are in constant contact with suppliers and clients from all over the world, through participation in international fairs, trade missions and business trips and more.


Quality assurance

Guaranteed inspection reports for buyers to approve or reject when taking samples for each lot, their eyes will be at the origin of production.

• Inspection report
If you purchase a product in stock, we can provide a local qualified inspector to review the factory and its products, however we take great care to ensure that we find an experienced factory or qualified inspection agency that you trust to verify for you.

• Surveillance load report
We can make video recording at each stage of filling the container to guarantee the entire loading process. If it is a set of photos, there may be the possibility of interchanging the products, so a professional quality inspector can help you verify this process and reduce the risk.


International Purchase Agent and Representation

• We act as a purchasing agent for importers. We manage the most competitive purchases and are the eyes of our represented.

• Tracking product usage and ordering to ensure timely purchases and maintain sufficient product levels to meet business demands.

• Obtains requirements by verifying, preparing, and forwarding purchase orders; verifies receipt of items; authorizes payment and continually feedback about local market information.


Consulting services specialized in food

• Technical and commercial assistance to promote and consolidate the income of our customers in international markets.
• Client´s exports administration conducting operational and logistics management, developing and overseeing the whole process, including the processing of permits, authorizations and registrations in different national authorities involved.
• We export for and on behalf of producers and / or companies that need to sell their products in the international market without having to take the figure of «Exporter».
• As Food Trader, we perform the search for foreign buyers to products made by companies that do not have adequate infrastructure to engage in export activity itself.